Tips for stopping smoking.

In problems associated with stopping smoking  the importance of self analysis and mental preparation is discussed. Think about your normal day-to-day activities, were and when you like to smoke, what mental associations have you formed with enjoying a smoke, for example having a cup of coffee or tea, watching TV, having a drink with friends.  You must mentally prepare yourself to meet these situations and not smoke when you do.

Dispose of all smoking accessories, such as lighters, ashtrays, cigarettes. You are starting a new way of life and smoking is no longer part of it, so put all smoking paraphernalia in the bin.

Tell your family, friends and colleagues you’re stopping smoking. Explain to them the process your going through and ask for their help and support. It’s good to be able to talk openly with them about how you’re getting on along the way, and you’ll not feel so alone if you experience difficult times.

Pick a day to stop and stop completely. The evidence shows that weaning yourself off cigarettes by gradually cutting down is not usually successful. Chose a day when you’ll not be under too much stress, tell everyone that you’re stopping on that date, and prepare yourself to stop.

Stopping smoking will leave a void in your life. Around the date you plan to stop, is a good time to start some new activities or routines in an attempt to fill this void. for example: start a new exercise regime, start a night class.

In stopping smoking is worth the effort I mention how much money you will save if you stop smoking. As an incentive to stop smoking and ultimately as a reward for stopping;- work out how much money you’re currently spending on cigarettes.When you stop:- save the money you’d be spending on cigarettes, and buy yourself a present.

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