Spring Covid Booster Campaign now running in the pharmacy

 Lateral Flow Tests are available to pick up from Helen’s Bay Pharmacy,

You remain eligible to collect free lateral flow tests under the “Pharmacy Collect NI ” service if you are:

Eligible for Covid 19 treatments

A Carer providing close personal care for someone who is at higher risk from Covid and has symptoms of Covid 19


Living Well Campaigns

February/March 24 

December/January 23/24

October and November 2023

Keep antibiotics working is a campaign that aims to alert the public to the risks of antibiotic resistance, and to reduce patients’ expectations for antibiotics, and in doing so will support healthcare professionals in their efforts to reduce antibiotic prescribing.

Follow the links below for information and knowledge on how to manage commonly occurring infections

Advice onInfection Self Care

Advice onUrinary Tract Infections

Advice onRespiratory Tract Infections

Follow the links below for current information about Antimicrobial Resistance


NHSAntibiotic Advice


August & September 2023

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