Pre-Registration Pharmacist Training Programme

Successful pre-reg training advances a pharmacy graduate to a position where they can register as a member of the pharmaceutical society and practice as a pharmacist.

Helen’s Bay Pharmacy offers a one year pre-reg placement for one student, or two six month placements, for two students (by special arrangement).

 The pre-reg training year is a transition from student life to professional practice.

Translation of academic knowledge into the realities of providing pharmaceutical services in our community on a day-to-day basis.

At Helen’s Bay Pharmacy a pre-reg will encounter all aspects of  community practice;- learning clinical skills, business skills, patient & client service skills, and communication skills. Our one to one learning environment will ensure an enjoyable pre-reg experience.

As well as first hand experience, there are structured elements to the training programme.

Through a process of work-based learning;- various “performance standards” are achieved throughout the year, and recorded in the online pre-reg portfolio.

As part of the pre-reg programme; our students attend outside training courses, run by The Pharmaceutical Society N.I., and the Ulster Chemists Association;- both series of courses focus on essential elements of community practice.

We also send our students to a further series of courses run by A.A.H. Sangers N.I. which prepare  specifically for the final registration examination (normally scheduled around week 45 of the pre-reg programme). All training courses are undertaken on a day-release basis.

One to one learning means:- the pre-reg tutor is always on-hand for guidance and mentoring certificate copythroughout the 52 week programme.

Formal quarterly appraisals are carried out and submitted online to the pre-reg facilitator at the pharmaceutical society NI, these appraisals assess progress and sort out any problems which might occur along the way.

The pre-reg tutor must make a final declaration that the student has successfully completed 52 weeks of training, and that, in the tutors’ opinion, “is a fit and proper person to register as a pharmacist”.

This declaration together with a pass in the registration exam qualifies the student to join the register of the pharmaceutical society and practice as a pharmacist.

To find out more information about Pre-Reg training at Helen’s Bay Pharmacy, contact us: 

Info @ Helens Bay Pharmacy 

or Tel: 02891 853605.

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If you would like to apply for the position of Pre-Reg Pharmacist, (2021/2022) :  fill out our online application form, attach your C.V. and submit, we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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